Gig Daddies

Geek Daddies will commit to one concert per month. No more!
Just because being a dad musician is hard work and bellies don’t grow on trees.

Geek Daddies Live

May 2017

26th of May – Texas Bar, Leiria (w/ Canja Rave and Holy Fanda & the Reverends)

June 2017

17 of June – Maiorga Indie, Alcobaça (w/Fuzzil, Plastic People, Japanese Girl, Les Synapses)

July 2017

7th of July – Associação Pé de Cão, Olaia, Torres Novas (w/ Darkson, Roffies, Zherois 2.1)


2nd of september – Texas Bar, Barreiro, Leiria (w/ Um Gajo é Parvo)

9th of september – Rock’n’roll private party, Alcobaça

23rd of september – Filho Sarilho – Adios Verano, Alcobaça


31st of October – Barreiro Rock warm up session, Alcobaça


10th of November – Rock Fest (Books and Movies), Alcobaça


8th of December – Altmont rock party, Sabotage Club, Lisbon

~~~More dates to come, but take it easy. ~~~

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