Geek Daddies EP

After a year of watered-down rigorous rehearsals, some beer and a lot of sweat, the Geek Daddies managed to frame a friend, who knows a few things about sound production and coerse a great band to borrow their rehearsal room. That’s how the Geek Daddies came to record with Samuel Traquina in the Monomonkey’s studio.

A feisty bass from Hugo Trindade was added to the party and the rest is history.

With 24 hours of recording and a very long weekend they now burst the eardrums of anyone approaching within a 20 meters radius.

The EP is composed of those songs that clear the ear pipes, either by the melody or by the noise. Neighbours are oblige to confirm it.

And here it is to the delight of girls and boys from all over the world, ladies and gentleman the Geek Daddies EP