Geek Daddies is a music collective, made of people who are to big for their shoe size. An artsy Quartet, a power trio, a dynamic duo of infantile adults. All for a meaningless and disintegrated rock’n’roll band, and promote Responsible Rock™.

They have good intentions, but swarms loose in bounds of Hell, or around its borders … With a raw and wistful sound they alter between disproportionate rhythms and powerful riffs, as if they cannot tame the animal they are riding.

Though primarily influenced by Earth, Wind and Fire, Richard Clayderman and other musical relics, the Geek Daddies are far less romantic on stage. (PG 16).

The Geek Daddies went through, unknowingly, a long introspective journey to reach this sugar-free sweet spot of adulthood.

Considered as suitable for celiacs, diabetics and haemophiliacs, one can only hope that they won’t last as much as they do in bed. With a life expectancy of 72 hours the Geek Daddies are blooming from the cocoon phase, running through unknown paths, fertilising rock’n’roll, armed with guitars and drums, making as short and thick as it can be.

With the release of their EP the Geek Daddies reached an impressive mark of 81 yards, leaving the audience euphoric and with a hearing loss of 30%.

They eat the whole soup and play as if they did not have an afternoon nap. If you get a chance to see them live, don’t forget to catch ’em all.