Geek Daddies are the less typical side of João Araújo and Hugo Rilhó. A kind of Quartet, of three musicians, of which 2 are parents, in a meaningless and disintegrated rock’n’roll version. A very responsible and apologetic version.

A band with good intentions, that swarms loose in bounds of Hell, or by its borders … With a raw and wistful sound they alter between disproportionate rhythms and powerful riffs, like one who cannot tame the animal one rides.

Though primarily influenced by Earth, Wind and Fire, Richard Clayderman and other musical relics, the Geek Daddies are far less romantic.

The Geek Daddies went through, unknowingly, a long journey of more than 10 years to reach this sugar-free sweet spot.

Considered as suitable for celiacs, diabetics and hemophiliacs, one can only hope that this may be the beginning of the end of this band. With an life expectancy of 72 hours the Geek Daddies are in a cocoon phase, walking unknown paths, motivated by the fertilization of rock, armed only with a guitar and drums, promoting the short and thick sounds of rock’n’roll, as It should be.

With the release of their EP the Geek Daddies reached an impressive mark of 81 yards, leaving the audience euphoric and a hearing loss of 30%. They ate the whole soup and played as if they did not have the afternoon nap. Now there is an audio record showing their most original obnoxious side, in a mini album with a bittersweet tone that reflects the musical adventures of parenting.

Ultimately Geek Daddies have come to confirm that size does not matter.