“An electrifying duo, where the drums are constantly bouncing on well-marked and dancing rhythms, and the guitar becomes a vibrant eel of rock-soul riffs. Their will to play fast demonstrates an imperative, as if they wanted to leave without paying the bill of fizzy water and expressos.

The result are Geek Daddies on the run with a clear rock pulse, thought and planned but mostly intensely lived. They leave time for hugs between live songs and pay rounds to strangers on the venue, who consequently treat them as “daddies”, all with a “dad humor à la carte!”

by Rafael Efraim Alves



They are geeky, they are dads, but they are not shaped by the name of their group. Musically neither. It’s Garage Rock vaguely Punk, with a nice healthy fat sound that sometimes tilts the boat over the banks of Hard Rock. In fifteen minutes the mass is said, with songs short and simple, joyful and catchy.

Sometimes the lyrics are minimalist, to stick to the short songs, like the four stanzas of “The Gambler” or the three of “Chasing Daisies”, but, like the Raymond Carver of Garage Rock, GEEK DADDIES manages to pass beautiful stories In a few words, like the unlikely romance novel of “One Night Stand”. Musically speaking it’s difficult not to compare the duo with their glorious elders, WHITE STRIPES and BLACK KEYS to which the Portuguese borrow a lot.

In synthesis, Geek Daddies EP is a tiny, tart, fresh candy that will be tasted without any thoughts during the summer break. Just like the aspirations of its founders and its colourful and joyful artwork, it is not a record that demands a lot of commitment, exactly what it takes to surround the month of August.

in Thrashocore


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